3rd Conference and Workshop on Spin-Based Quantum Information Processing

6th -10th of November, 2017
Sydney, Australia

Public Lecture

Thursday, 9th of November 2017, 19:30 - 21:00
Messel Lecture Theatre at the Sydney Nanoscience Hub (SNH) at the University of Sydney

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Schrödinger’s cat is alive and means business - Directions and opportunities in the quantum technology revolution

Quantum science has often been portrayed as a spooky, counterintuitive topic of interest only for a few weirdos. This popular depiction was never accurate – no electronic device would work if it weren’t for the quantum behaviour of electrons in a crystal, for example – but it is now becoming completely untenable. Today, we are witnessing a not-so-silent revolution in the way quantum phenomena can impact our lives. We are also witnessing unprecedented progress in the way we can “see”, and thus understand, the quantum world.
In this public lecture, I will illustrate the working principles and the applications of some of the pillars of the quantum technology revolution: quantum computing, quantum communication, and quantum sensing. Forget about spookiness and weirdness: this stuff is here and it’s working. Many large businesses are already ramping up investment to partake of the opportunities offered by the one of the most transformative technologies of this century. Don’t miss out!